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Excerpt from Brighid My Book of Shadows.ISBN 978-3-934978-21-8

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Weel of the Year Witches Sabbath

The Weel of the Year, also called witches sabbaths,

are 8 evenly distributed stations

in the cycle that the sun traverses in one year.

They are divided into four solar festivals (Solstice Sabbath)

and four moon feasts (Moon Esbat).

The sun festivals are celebrated at the distinctive turning points of the sun,

like day and night and solstice.

The moon fixed are exactly in between.

So it turns out that a witch ritual takes place every 6 1/2 weeks.

We start the Jule cycle on December 21st, the day of the winter sun turn,

because this is where the returning light is celebrated.

With the birth of the sun, the pregnancy of nature begins

and that is the beginning of all life.

Samhain, Yule Festival, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasad, Mabon.

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Wheel of the Year Sabbat de Sorciere

Yule Winter Solstice witches ritual December Link:

Imbolc Brighid Goddess witches ritual Link:

Ostara Spring Equinox witches ritual March 21 Link:

Beltane moon ritual festivals April 30 to May 1 Beginning of the summer half year the 5th full moon after Yule Link: Beltane Ritual Instructions Link: Litha Summer Solstice witches ritual June 21st Kupala Link: Litha ritual instructions Kupala white nights English Link: Lughnasad Lammas witches ritual 31 July to August 1st harvest festivals Link:

Mabon Autumn Equinox witches ritual September 21st Link:

Samhain witches ritual festivals 31 October to 1 November Halloween memory of dead. Beginning of the winter half-year and New Year of the witches is the 11th new moon in the calendar year Link: Samhain Halloween Ritual Instructions Link: From Samhain Halloween the darkest time of the year begins,

full of myths, superstitions and legends.

The nights of Hecate, goddess of the underworld,

are on November 7th, 16th and 30th.

On these nights you should cross her way

with the request for assistance and goodwill,

Sacrifice food and smoke out the apartment.

Use a reversible on these nights

or Uncrossing candle from -Magic of Brighid, -

and the associated -Magic of Brighid- Reversible or Uncrossing Oil.

To bind and transform evil spells.

Our ancestors used to have their fingernails cut off on these nights

and put hair on a cross

to offer them to Hecate.

Then no wicked witch can use them against you.

Hecate is one of the most misunderstood goddesses of antiquity,

around which there are many misinterpretations and misinformation.

She gets mostly on her dark aspect of the old woman

reduced at the crossroads.

However, their original role was much broader.

She was a "great goddess", the moon mother, queen of heaven,

Mother of all life and she represents

one of the oldest versions of the triple goddess.

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On the sixth day after the December New Moon, mistletoe is cut,

or better yet, break it with your left hand.

Then you decorate them with red and gold ribbons and hang them over the door.

The mistletoe was revered as a plant that warded off demons and evil.

The mistletoe growing on old oak trees was particularly sacred.

There were firm rules for the druids how to cut mistletoe,

with golden knives, and in certain phases of the moon.