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Welcome to Europe's Most Interesting Esoteric Fantasy Wholesale for Witches

About us

Welcome to the Anderswelt ( Otherworld ) a family business since 1996.Please forgive us translation errors? Welcome to Brighid mp3 link:

U.K. English Welcome mp3 Link:

Welcome English Please click on the picture

All beginnings are difficult, and so it was with us.

Back then we started small

and made customers aware of us at medieval markets

street fairs and esoteric fairs.

All the hurdles that were put in our way,

made us rich in experience,

from which our customers can profit today.

Our goal has always been, and still is today,

to pass on our knowledge of natural religions to the people.

and to accompany them with our products and books

to accompany them into the world of magic.

We have always made all magical kits

and mixtures with herbs, resins or essential oils

taking into account the position of the moon, the planetary energies

and of course the power of the plants themselves

and thus also our positive energy.

This is then later our house brand

"Magic of Brighid" was created, in which we of course also

again placed value on 100% natural ingredients.

If magic is to work, then only through nature,

that is our conviction.

In order to be able to offer our customers favourable prices,

the area of shop maintenance, marketing and product presentation

and product presentation are exclusively in the hands of our family team.

So there are no additional external costs.

Fair and equitable dealings with our tradesmen, suppliers and

suppliers and above all our customers is very important to us,

and we will continue to do our best for you.

Do you like our service?

Then we would be pleased to receive a positive review,

if you have a Google account.

Please click on Rating at the bottom left.

Thank you very much!

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Welcome Witch Sisters English, Bienvenue soeurs Sorcières francais,

Benvenute Streghe sorelle Italy, Bienvenidos Brujas hermanas español.



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