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Samhain ritual, October 31, Halloween Witchtok, dead ritual

Samhain ritual, October 31, Halloween, dead ritual

To be at home under corona conditions

to be able to do an annual ritual

just use our candles with natural oils.

Moon ritual (Moon Esbat)

Samhain October 31 to November 1 (dead ritual)

end of the year

Celtic New Year celebration

Threshold between the visible and the invisible world

Time of ghosts and demons, from this Halloween developed

Beginning of winter, the dark time

Feast of Remembrance

Turn from external activity to internal growth

Burning all the worries and problems of the past year

Night of the Oracle

Getting rid of weaknesses and things

Remembering the dead

Death month of nature. Source. Link:

Halloween Samhain English Link: More about the story. Link:

8 Wheel of the Year Rituals Äth. Magic of Brighid Oils In order to achieve an optimal effect, one uses additionally the magical natural oils of "Magic of Brighid", that one drips into the candle wax. Just the pleasant smell of my mixtures, which are made with all natural essential oils, is very different from synthetic oils. I keep a coloring of the oils with mine natural processing for unnecessary, especially since these would only stain clothes. My mission is offer people products they can trust, because I work according to white magic principles with the magic of plants and planets. Everyone who works magically and who is interested knows that only nature can have an effect. Compare yourself and feel the difference with all your senses. The smell shouldn't be in the foreground. In our opinion, not all plants are fragrant and correspond to our ideas. Nevertheless, the very special energy of each individual plant is at work here. 8150ha Halloween / Samhain annual circle glass candle black 31.10-01.11 Used to describe your deceased to commemorate, or to complete something. GTIN (EAN) = 4250684581500 3852 Samhain ritual oil 5 ml with natural essential oils. For rituals e.g. B. candle magic, to make wishes come true. GTIN (EAN) = 4250684538528 )O( So at the end of all life there is death, but it is the beginning of new life again and the cycle starts all over again. By celebrating the annual festivals, people this eternal becoming and passing away. We are part of this cycle because we are part of nature. This understanding is common to most people in the age lost to technology. But it can also be seen that more and more in search of fulfillment and meaning of life, on the way, turn around that mankind has taken and go back to the beginning to the roots to find their own way from there. A path in harmony with nature at the side of our cosmic parents, Mother Earth and father sun. There are many ways and nobody is better or worse My book instruction book rituals of the annual rituals Printing form via an ANDERSWELT Link dealer: Link: Or e-book download Link:

Video Info Link: Halloween Partys Link: Witchcircle Tiktok Link: Witch Sabbaths Link:

Wheel of the Year Sabbat de Sorciere Yule Winter Solstice witches ritual December Link: Smoke nights Yule Rituals Superstition Link: Imbolc Brighid Goddess witches ritual Link: Ostara Spring Equinox witches ritual March 21 Link: Beltane moon ritual festivals April 30 to May 1 Beginning of the summer half year the 5th full moon after Yule Link: Beltane Ritual Instructions Link: Litha Summer Solstice witches ritual June 21st Kupala Link: Litha ritual instructions Kupala white nights English Link: Lughnasad Lammas witches ritual 31 July to August 1st harvest festivals Link: Mabon Autumn Equinox witches ritual September 21st Link: Samhain witches ritual festivals 31 October to 1 November Halloween memory of dead. Beginning of the winter half-year and New Year of the witches is the 11th new moon in the calendar year Link: Samhain Halloween Ritual Instructions Link: Witches Rituals Wheel of the Year Smartphone Video Magic of Brighid Witchcraft Spells Smartphone Video Voodoo Love Spells Brighid Witchcraft Spells Smartphone Video ..


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